# PocketVBox.app - Just a Portable VirtualBox Pack

What's PocketVBox

PocketVBox is a easy to use portable VirtualBox with full features.

Screenshot of the main user interface

Quick Start

If you installed the official version of VirtualBox, please uninstall it first.
  • Download "PocketVBox-*.7z" from PocketVBox.app
  • Extract "PocketVBox-*.7z" to a dir like "D:\PocketVBox"
  • Run the "PocketVBox.exe"
  • Click [ReInstall] and wait until it's done.
  • Now, Click [Startup] to launch VirtualBox


  • Please do [Uninstall] before remove or move the PocketVBox folder!
  • Don't run VirtualBox.exe directly! Use [Startup] instead.
  • Use "Utils\VBoxManage.cmd" instead of "VBoxManage.exe".


PocketVBox is released as freeware.
PocketVBox based on VirtualBox, so you need to comply with it's licenses.


Renamed to PocketVBox


[2024-05-06] Recommended
[2024-05-06] Update launcher for legacy VBox versions. Maybe usefull for older host OS.



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